Upon breaking down recovered scraps, debris or salvaged and rejected items; unexpectedly I may find all sorts of lovely metal, wood, ceramic and fabric, once secretly kept in their hidden place long ago.  Even things I usually don't pay much attention to that once made us feel important.  They are useless after breaking, yet look so precious to me.  I become further interested in rescuing the buried item which has taught me the meaning of beauty of "imperfection." It is a revolution of my awareness. 

As I transform objects and articles, I try to store these objects in the drawers of my mind.  Mentally I separate and sort each item according to its kind, shape, color or meaning.  I try to utilize it within its original nature.  If the piece is broken or bent; my passion for it increases, owing to the fact that I become aware of human touch. This invisible artifact was formerly devoted solely for humankind to make our lives run smoothly.  I create art from material and objects that humans once manufactured, used, and discarded.  With art, I bring back the items spiritual ambiance.

Kumiko Shindo


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